Introduction of Nutrients

Sunday, 26/06/2016, 12:05 GMT+7
Introduction of Nutrients

Introduction of Nutrients

 Chinese and foreign scientists and medical scientists have proved that the coconut is the treasure, which has many good health functions.


Acid amino: Cho tới thời điểm hiện nay, dừa là loại thực vật tự nhiên có.

Amino Acid: Coconut is the highest content of amino acid of natural food in the world .

Medium Chain Fatty Acid: Coconut oil is the best resource of medium chain fatty acid, which is the easiest fatty acid that human body can absorb and transfer to energy.

Lauric Acid: Improves human immunity. Only a few natural food contains laric acid, but the breast milk is one of them.

Vegetable protein: coconut is known as "plant of milk”.

Vitamins: vitamin B group and vitamin C is natural human supplements.