AVC Ben Tre Food Joint Stock Company was established in 2014 and built the factory in the Ben Tre province, which was located in the Mekong delta. The climate in Ben Tre is mild throughout all year, with leafy tress and rich fruit production. Especially Ben Tre is well known as “ the land of coconut in Vietnam”.

AVC Ben Tre Food Joint Stock Company cooperates with World Peace International Limited and Dujiangyan TianWang Food Industry, which have 40 years of experience on developing confectionary industry and confectionary equipment. Also, AVC introduces advance equipment and traditional techniques for coconut candy production. Currently, AVC Ben Tre Food Joint Stock Company has invested 5 production lines with annual production quality is 3000 tons. The company is continuously investing and expanding. 


AVC Ben Tre Food Joint Stock Company adopts traditional technique and advance equipment. Such as: the caramelization from our coking unit of caramelizer makes the candy rich and delicate.  The ultrathin vacuum continuous cooker keeps the candy in low temperature when it is been heated in the cooker in order to retain the original taste from the natural material and the original nutrients, and it only needs 1/13 second to finish the cooking procedure, which differentiates from other 30 minutes cooking procedure. Combined with pneumatic pot, the taste of the candy is much better and more elastic. Also the stringent quality control and the use of local fresh coconut milk ensure that the every production meets its standard. 



Due to the reason of high quality, our products is favorable for domestics and foreigners even if it is a new products.

The product of AVC Ben Tre Food Joint Stock Company not only sold domestically, but also exports to china and other European countries.

AVC Ben Tre Food Joint Stock Company is willing to put all the effort in order to let the whole world taste the most delicious coconut candy. 


AVC Ben Tre Food Joint Stock Company has qualified for ISO 22000:2005 and Halal.

The goal of AVC Ben Tre Food Joint Stock Company is to ensure the health and quality of the products. Every raw material doses must comfort to the requirements of food safety. The immediate use of coconut milk must be freshly squeezed without adding any of food additives, preservatives and colorings. Syrup, maltose syrup and other materials use must comply with requirements of food safety guide.